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a supernatural empath story


Sylas, a first responder in New York City, finds his life forever changed when he is gifted an ancient power to ease the suffering

of others, at the cost of carrying that pain himself.


As he learns more about his abilities and how to use them, he draws the attention of powerful forces who are locked in a centuries-old conflict to control the state of the human condition.


Mohsen is an avid traveler and storyteller. He enjoys exploring local legends and myths from around the world, most recently Welsh folk tales of the Hidden People or Tylwyth teg.


He recently released the sequel to his supernatural empath story, Syphon, and is working on a new fantasy series called Cloud Chasers, about a group of misfits on a floating island filled with arcane wizardry and lots of sky speeders. Pantheon, a mythic reimagining of the gods of old, is still in development hell.


He lives in the San Francisco bay area, close to family and friends, but has his eyes set for across the pond.

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