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a supernatural empath story


Sylas, a first responder in New York City, finds his life forever changed when he is gifted an ancient power to ease the suffering of others, at the cost of carrying that pain himself.


As he learns more about his abilities and how to harness them, he draws the attention of powerful forces locked in a centuries-old conflict to control the state of the human condition.

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"The three-issue comic book combines the genres of fantasy and noir to create a world unlike anything readers have seen before."

– Screen Rant

"Extremely compelling, emotionally impactful, and well-paced with gorgeous art, SYPHON is a mind-bending action-filled trip."

– The Comic Source

"If you want to have your face melted, pick up SYPHON. It is one of the most surprising books I've read in years."

– Pop Culture & Comics

Sylas, an EMT with a troubled past, is granted the power to sense and siphon pain from others. He is now able to ease the suffering of people around him— but at a cost. The more Sylas uses this power, the more it curses him with carrying the miseries of those he's helped. Tormented by bearing the burdens of the world, Sylas accepts the help of mysterious drifter who shows him there is more than one side to this power. 

In this new fantasy series, Syphon blends noir with the supernatural and asks the question, "How much weight of the world can you carry?" 

Comic book documentarian PATRICK MEANEY (Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, The Image Revolution) teams up with artist JEFF EDWARDS (G.I. Joe) in a story by MOHSEN ASHRAF (Pantheon) that evokes the lore of Neil Gaiman's American Gods with the psychological thrills of M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable


 Sylas wields an ancient power to sense and siphon away pain from others, but struggles with the moral ambiguity of his abilities, leading him to question his purpose as a Syphon. Livia, his partner and a neuroscientist, explores the impact of emotional trauma and the ethics of healing from it. Together, they unravel secrets of the power that will forever change their relationship. Meanwhile, deep in the Amazon, an ancient threat re-emerges with plans to unleash a terrible darkness.

The award-winning series returns in a new four-issue volume, written by creator Mohsen Ashraf (Pantheon) and co-writer Arish Akanda with art from Thomas Hedglen (Prophet, Brigade). Previously nominated for three Ringo Awards in 2022, including Best Series and Best Artist, and awarded Favorite Hero.

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